Our Vision


Voices & Visions is about art, about powerful messages, about combining them into posters, about starting conversations, about continuing the Jewish journey.


In late 2012 Voices & Visions released its debut Masters Series.  A collection of 18 images, the series pairs leading figures of contemporary art and design with powerful quotes from Jewish thinkers across the ages.  Originally offered as a limited release, the Masters Series took off and is now being used by Jewish organizations around the world.


Organizations have used the images to beautify their spaces, spark conversations, contribute to their curricula, and create new programming.  The series is offered as a gift to organizations interested in using the images in their community space.


In April 2015 Voices & Visions released its Proudly Jewish series, a collection six posters that "exemplify the values and ideas that Judaism teaches."


In March 2017 Voices & Visions released the first set of Frames of Mind posters, six posters suitable for use at Passover and year round.


In November 2020 Voices & Visions released the first posters of the Wall of Fame series, celebrating Jewish figures who have transformed the Jewish world and the world at large.


Voices & Visions continues to provide educators a space to share their programs with others.  Many of the programs are now available in The Exchange on our website.