Wall of Fame #1

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Wall of Fame

We are excited to launch the first set of Wall of Fame
Voices & Visions Team

Frames of Mind

We are excited to launch the first set of Frames of Mind posters in Spring 2017.
Voices & Visions Team

Proudly Jewish

I can't wait to decorate our religious school classrooms and use these posters to help our students find their love of Judaism.
Beth Israel Congregation, Fayetteville NC
We live in a small town, and these posters need to be displayed.
Grove High School, Paris TN
I look forward to using this during our family-friendly Shabbat service focused on social justice.
Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Bristol VT
I can't wait to find creative ways to incorporate these into my middle school classes.
Congregation Kol Ami, Vancouver WA
The posters are beautiful and invite conversation. The Exchange page on the website has many great ideas for how to use them in programming.
Herzliya Congregation, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thank you for this beautiful tool to further Jewish connection for our teens.
Tucson Hebrew High, Tucson AR
Our Hillel loves Voices & Visions and can't wait to share the new series with our students. We use them at various times during the year as a way to connect to Jewish ideas.
Queens College Hillel, New York NY
I have started my own mentoring program for passionate Jewish Early Childhood Educators. I am excited to use these posters to enrich my teaching practices.
Temple Shaarei Shalom, Lake Worth FL
We will use the posters for an Interfaith Artist event with one of our local community partners.
Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation, Wichita KS
We look forward to using the posters in our travels, professional development, and as inspiration.
JCC Association, New York NY
These posters can be useful for sparking conversation and to teach about the person who is quoted. They are beautiful and thought-provoking.
Temple Emunah, Lexington MA
These posters are so valuable. They will be put to good use in our school and congregation, particularly for some parent and family programming we are planning for next year.
Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, Evanston IL
I'm interested in using these posters as thank you gifts to our generous donors who have supported PJ Library in Atlanta through their time and resources.
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Atlanta GA
These are powerful quotes by influential people that can spark really meaningful conversations.
Hillel at The City College of New York, Flushing NY
These are beautiful and inspirational!
Beth Radom Congregation Hebrew School, Toronto, Ontario

Masters Series

I teach grandparents in over 20 congregations. I will use the posters to identify why and how these seniors can help their grandchildren become philanthropists and social activists.
Grandparents for Social Action, Deerfield IL
These posters are a wonderful way to enhance our leadership retreats for high school and college students.
Hebrew Union College, New York NY
We will work with these posters at camp and in our year-round office.
Camp Judaea, Atlanta GA
We are so moved by the Masters collection. They were displayed in the Student Union on campus for a few weeks, and now they decorate our building.
University of Indiana Hillel, Bloomington IN
This year we have added a course of study in which students look at Jewish Identity through various lenses, such as primary and secondary sources, media, art, and music. These posters will be used as triggers for discussions and to complement other readings and images reviewed by the students.
Bialik Hebrew Day School, Toronto, Ontario
I enjoyed using these posters in a teachers' colloquium over the summer. We each chose the poster that had the most meaning to us, and, first in pairs and then in group discussion, we described why we chose those quotes.
Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Chicago IL
We will use the posters in an exercise of reflection at an upcoming retreat. We need to talk about how a longstanding tradition can speak to contemporary people who are trying to figure out how to live well.
SUMMIT Jewish Visions, Brooklyn NY
We will reconnect with our area synagogues by offering Voices & Visions as an exhibit or discussion program.
Jewish Federation, Ormond Beach FL
I used the posters in a workshop at my JUMP Leadership Conference. It was extremely successful!
New York NCSY, Cedarhurst NY
The posters are incredibly beautiful, and through them we'll incorporate a love and appreciation of art further into our School of Jewish Studies (K-12th Grade).
Am Yisrael Conservative Congregation, Northfield IL
We are in dire need of freshening up our office decor. We will proudly display them.
Jewish Family & Child Service, Portland OR
I use these posters to work with parents on figuring out what they value and how to incorporate these values into their parenting and their homes.
The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, Whippany NJ
The posters are an excellent discussion tool for our interfaith dialogue program.
Greater Pittsburgh Interfaith Coalition, Pittsburgh PA
We have had many lectures, cocktail evenings, and speakers with the posters in view. They are a terrific subject for discussions on faith, life, and wisdom on all fronts.
Jewish Community Housing Corporation, West Orange NJ
We used the posters for our Shavuot Night Learning program. It was a beautiful and meaningful evening.
Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore MD
The posters are phenomenal. I can't wait to bring this program to our camp and beyond.
Pinemere Camp, Philadelphia PA
Our focus is on racial and disability justice. The Jewish sages have such important teachings on these issues, and I would like to use the posters to give Jewish voices greater visibility.
Office of Equity and Human Rights, Portland OR
I used the posters all over the country on USY on Wheels. Thank you so much for helping us informal educators continue to teach in creative ways!
Lehigh Valley United Synagogue Youth, Edison NJ
We have shared the Masters Series posters with our PJ Library congregation partners. Some are also hanging in the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry/Activity Center. They're awesome.
Jewish Family Service, Cincinnati OH
We have a large non-Jewish staff, and this is a great way to incorporate our Jewish values into our environment in an accessible way . These themes are universal, and the artists' rendering add contemporary perspective and depth. Totally engrossing and educational!
Jewish Family Service, San Diego CA
The posters will be incredibly useful in various courses I offer on Torah, Israel, and Models of Teaching. I teach Early Childhood Educators, rabbinical and cantorial students, and family Jewish educators.
Hebrew College, Boston MA
We would like to display these posters in our "Hang Time" area at the Maccabi Games.
JCC Maccabi Games, Dallas TX
I look forward to using a selection of the posters to stimulate conversation during the breaks in Yom Kippur afternoon services.
Temple B'nai Israel, White Oak PA
These lovely and meaningful messages will grace our home offices, and inform the daily encounters of both staff and guests. A wonderful, imaginative idea.
ATZUM - Justice Works, East River, Nova Scotia
I used a poster and discussion guide as an opening activity for a faculty meeting. It was a great way to start a meeting about working together toward our goals this year.
Temple Beth Abraham, Nashua NH
As I take a new pulpit, I look forward to using the posters to illustrate sermons and spark conversation.
Judea Reform Congregation, Durham NC
Looking forward to inspiring others with these wise words.
Kehillat Shaarei Torah, Toronto, Ontario
I can't think of anything better than the Voices & Visions posters to teach us and inspire us of all that is holy and accessible about Judaism and Jewish tradition.
Skirball Hospice, Encino CA