EDUCATING ABOUT JEWISH VALUES - Global Teen Fellowship of Minnechaug Regional High School and Brandeis University


Anna Gorfinkel, Global Teen Fellowship of Brandeis University/Minnechaug Regional High School, writes:

The goal of my project was to educate people who are not Jewish about the values of the Jewish faith in order to possibly step away from stereotypes.  I brought Voices & Visions posters to my school’s International Club. The club enjoys exploring new ideals and activities associated with different religions and different parts of the world.  
The students got to pick a poster, and they each wrote six words depicting their feelings of the poster and how it might relate to their life. 
Here are examples of their six-word memoirs:
For the poster "Love is stronger than death" (Song of Songs): Family, friends, happiness, positive, life, fulfillment
For the poster "There is nothing more whole than a broken heart" (Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk): Brokenness, revival, healing, perfectly imperfect, content
For the poster "A miracle cannot prove what is impossible.  It only confirms what is possible" (Maimonides): I believe that anything is possible.
The students were happy to know that such a great program exists, and were impressed by the quality of the posters as well as the message behind each individual poster. Voices & Visions generously allowed me to gift the posters to the club members so they would never forget their newly-gained knowledge and experience.  


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