GRADUATE REFLECTIONS - Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, West Valley, California


Jordanna Flores, Director of the Melton School for Adult Jewish Learning in Conejo/West Valley CA, writes:

"I used the posters as a way to spark the students’ thinking before they wrote their graduate reflections. For example, here is one student's graduate reflection:

'Blu Greenberg says, “Once I had tasted the fruit of knowledge, there was no going back”. I have always felt that regardless of the religion, most of us know too little about whatever religion and traditions with which we identify. Even attending years of religious school sometimes leave us without a good understanding of who we are, what we believe and why. Melton has helped me to more clearly understand the sources of who we are as a people, the struggles we have had throughout our history to survive, and more importantly the courage of those willing to make sure our tradition continued to exist...'"

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