INTERFAITH EXHIBITION - College of Our Lady of the Elms, Chicopee MA


The staff of Elms College writes:

"The decision to do an installation of Voices and Visions at the College of Our Lady of the Elms was based on the desire to create opportunities for members of the College community and the larger civic community to engage with a lively religious tradition.  We are a school founded by a religious order of women, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield, MA.  The order is built on the desire to “unite neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God.”  The Religious Studies Department and the Institute for Theology and Pastoral Studies that is part of the department has a long history of engagement with religious communities of the world. 

The concept of taking powerful quotations from iconic people in the Jewish tradition and linking them with the creative vision of internationally known artists is remarkable.  The depth and scope of the project gives it an impact across age, gender, education levels and more.   Our guests ranged from a two year old who was thoroughly engaged by the visuals to persons in their 90’s who were moved both by the artistic and philosophic content.  Neither end of the spectrum wanted to leave the exhibit.  Visits from middle school and high school students created opportunities for classroom discussion.

This collection has the ability to create extended conversations about meaning, purpose, and unanswerable questions.  The range of history is vast.  The poster medium holds everything together.   This installation was a gift to the College and to the community." 

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