Lisa Litman, Director of PJ Goes to School, writes:

"We used Voices & Visions' Proudly Jewish posters as an opening activity at a NewCAJE 2015 session.  The posters were mounted on parchment-like paper - giving them the appearance of pages of Talmud - and hung around the room.  As participants entered the workshop space, they were asked to consider which images and quotes spoke loudest to them and why.

Attendees were further directed to add a thought-provoking question or comment next to the poster (on a sticky note) that related to the theme or image. 

Here are sample questions posted by participants:

- What is "serving"?

- Why must action precede faith?

- "Voyage" connotes future, while "ancient pathway" suggests past.  How do these two connect?

- How do we eliminate the negative from our lives?

A discussion followed about how to use the posters in a classroom or other setting."




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