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"Savor every moment of your life as if this is your last day."Harold Grinspoon
Poster design:Arnold Schwartzman


Interview and commentary by Blu Greenberg 
Savoring life, not asceticism, is a central value in Judaism. Joy, pleasure, appreciation, mindfulness—these infuse our interpersonal relationships, are woven into our rituals and milestones, and shape our world views.
Harold Grinspoon’s “savor life” goes far beyond the popular adage “enjoy life” and encompasses much of the essence of Judaism. For Grinspoon it means:
Mindfulness of “being in the moment,” of the variety of life, of listening enrapt to the other’s life story, of seeing every person as created in God’s image.
Gratitude for surviving cancer, for the blended family he and Diane have built, for what he has been able to accomplish and the privilege of philanthropy it now affords him, for mentors and lucky breaks along the way, for loyal employees and colleagues, for modest friends.
Awe at nature’s beauty, a new mountain to climb, a slab of burl wood, an agile dancer, at what the Jewish people have contributed to the world, at the sounds of children and parents reading together.
Memory of his own humble origins, of the long journey of Jews and Judaism through history, of the suffering of the outsider, the handicapped, the weak, the vulnerable.
Holiness to lift up the good and cast off the bad, to separate irrelevant from essential, to speak no slander or gossip, but to rejoice in the successes of others,
to celebrate Shabbat with family and friends.
Savoring every experience, treasuring every human encounter—these are the unifying forces in Harold Grinspoon’s life, challenging each of us to savor life.
Blu Greenberg is a pioneer and leader in the movement to integrate feminism and Orthodox Judaism. In 1997, she founded the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, which seeks to reconcile core principles of feminism with traditional Jewish law. Greenberg is also involved in inter and intrafaith projects, building
bridges between women of different faiths. She is the author of several books and articles, and continues to lecture at universities and in Jewish communities worldwide. Greenberg’s credo is that Jewish tradition is too strong to be threatened by experiments in women’s religious rights and responsibilities.

Conversation Guide

1. Which Jewish rituals and milestones incorporate joy and pleasure? When have you personally experienced joy in your Judaism?
2. Do you have the opportunity to savor and treasure special moments in daily life, despite the busy nature of modern life? What enables you to do so?
3. What does “savor life” mean to you? Do you think it is the same as enjoy life?
1. Discuss how you react to this poster: your first impressions, your memories from when this famous smiley face was first popular.
2. The image has been updated—what has been used to do this? What message does that add to the quote?
3. The poster has a clear symbol of happiness. How can this be applied to a multi-layered thought?




Frames of Mind@2015, Arnold Schwartzman, Quote: Harold Grinspoon, Harold Grinspoon Foundation, West Springfield, MA